Carol Hamilton – Leadership Strategist, Executive Coach & Feng Shui Guru

In this episode Carol expertly weaves together the ancient wisdom of the east with modern times, during the days of the COVID-19 crisis no less. As millions of people are now working from home, people are rewiring the way they think and live. What message does your space send to you and to others? Are you sabotaging yourself with the new home office you have hastily thrown together and don’t even know it? How do you bring comfort to yourself during these times of change and how do you exercise control over your small corner of the world – even it is simply a home office? Take a walk on the far side and learn more about the ancient art of “space”. Be inspired to discover the power of flow and tap into the power within. Today is an invitation to design the future – don’t allow the opportunity to slip through your fingers.

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Are there unexpected lessons buried within the Coronavirus crisis? Collectively we have been catapulted to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where survival is at the top of everyone’s mind. Yet, there are leaders who are a like beacons of light guiding us through the darkness.  My guest for this episode, Sara Kwan, is one of those lights and she is best known as dangerously creative.   She is a compelling example for an optimistic outlook in times of extreme change and chaos.  A global leader now in the tech industry, she moved to Seattle from NYC seven short weeks ago – with husband and young children in tow.
Be inspired by her tips for thriving while working from home and be reminded of the importance of keeping your sense of humor.  Our conversation will bring clarity to chaos. Sarah’s optimism and outlook will inspire you when you need it most.  Drink it in!
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Candice Thompson, Business Strategist and Founder of the CoBridge Group

Are you investing too much emotional bandwidth into “fixing” yourself? When you look in the mirror, do you see your potential or do you see your flaws? Do you feel isolated in your quest for perfection? Perhaps the truth is that you are not alone and, actually, an important part of a much larger collective story.

In this episode, Kim Faith dives deep into her new book, Your Lion Inside, along with powerhouse and marketing strategist Candice Thompson. Together they discuss how – and why – women are still living by rules that were written without consideration of the female impact, perspective, or even any female input.

The shortcomings we see in the mirror with the way we look, speak and act, are all part of a flawed narrative that the world has given us,” Kim says.

While this narrative is part of our history, it’s unbalanced, and it only represents one side of the equation.”

Kim discusses how throughout her career coaching female professionals, she observed women desperately trying to fit into boxes that were never designed for them. Those boxes were too small and too predictable to fit the magnificence she would see in women!  It’s time to rewrite the narrative and that means taking a close look at those rules that became belief systems.

Kim’s research made her acutely aware of seven prevalent belief systems – mental models – proverbial glasses through which women were commonly seeing the world. These mental models served as the inspiration behind the sisterhood of seven she felt compelled to write about to let women around the world know “You are not alone!”

Tune in to learn more about the sisterhood and become aware of your mental model. Find out how to make intentional, purposeful life choices, and how to discover your power to create the life you were meant to live.

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Maria Moraes Robinson, CEO Holonomics (Brazil) Sao Paulo, Brazil

What can wild animals teach us about being human? How can we leverage today’s vast interconnectivity to become better versions of ourselves? In this episode, author and economist, Maria Moraes Robinson, shares her ‘holonomic’ view of the world.

Having grown up in the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil, Maria was able to tap into the wisdom of nature at a very young age. The boundless flora and fauna served as the catalyst to Maria’s understanding of human nature.

In 2014, Maria and her husband wrote about a groundbreaking new world view where economics and ecology are in harmony – holonomics. Their book, Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter uses real-world case studies and practical exercises to guide people toward a more sustainable future where both people and planet matter. What are those qualities unique to women that can provide a significant contribution to this purposeful quest?


Maria offers the insight that the complexity and chaos of today’s world are not to be feared but rather embraced and understood. Our interconnectedness allows us to share our passions, experiences, successes and failures, meaning that we are able to improve who we are as women and as human beings.

“If we open our minds, expand our consciousness and remove judgement, we can have open dialogue and find new ways to evolve together.”

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James Crawford, writer, storyteller and social media strategist, proud father of 3.

Do you feel like society’s traditional rules are no longer working for you? Are news and media
forcing you to adopt someone else’s view of the world? Do you know you are capable yet still
feel like you’re failing? Kimberly Faith has been there too.

In this episode, the tables are turned as Kim becomes a guest on her own show. She discusses
her new book The Lion Inside and the difficult personal history that led her to write it. Kim
herself hit a low point in her late thirties when the start-up company she’d launched with her
young daughter, as a means of showing her that “dreams do come true”, was going under.
Learning to fail with grace became the real lesson for Kim and her daughter and eventually
became the leverage of Kim’s life. Now 10 years later, Kim uses those difficult life experiences
to teach women around the world how to reframe their perspectives and take charge of their

Moreover, as the centennial anniversary of the women’s right to vote approaches, Kim
foreshadows that women are at a critical “choice” point in history where they can
continue to give into fear, chaos and drama or trust themselves enough to change their

Be inspired as Kim dives into today’s most relevant subject-matter like gender roles, the
#MeToo movement, and failing gracefully. Don’t miss this episode with critically acclaimed
author and podcast host, Kimberly Faith.

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Timothy Hughes, Film & Stage Actor; Known for roles in “The Greatest Showman” and “HadesTown”

Is your most unique quality a game changer for you? Does having a high-profile platform obligate you to speak out for what’s right? Was the greenlight video for This is Me truly an example of personal transformation? All of this and much more in this energizing conversation with Timothy Hughes, a force on Broadway. Listen as he shares his journey as an athlete, film star, Broadway star, champion for human kindness and most importantly, brother in a family of sisters.

Timothy has consistently made a push for equality, standing for what’s right over what’s easy, time and time again. “I feel like I’d be missing out on a big part of myself if I didn’t act upon this desire to speak out and be supportive of certain organizations.” He shares the importance of a support system, and how one opportunity leads to another, creating a wave that just gets bigger and bigger. A must-listen if you share the strong desire to be a part of something bigger while pursuing your deepest passions!

You can find him on Instagram – TimothyRHughes

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Angela Russell, Award-winning storyteller and Co-Host – Take 5 – Seattle, WA

“Every movement has its moment. We all have a part to play to bring about that moment.”

When is the time to call out the truth? When does a moment happen due to the courage of a few? If you have ever wondered if your small actions can make a difference, then be inspired by the wisdom from our Emmy Award Winning guest, Angela Russell. With a wealth of experience in media and content creation, Angela made a conscious choice to invest her energies in spreading the message of goodness instead of the toxicity which can sometimes seem to be synonymous with media. Her decision was a courageous one that went against the grain. “Our kids are inundated with subtle messages – whether it is pink onesies or t-shirts with rockets. We have to ask ourselves where did those messages come from?” This podcast offers an insider look into an authentic perspective about how “being right feeds our egos – being kind feeds our souls.” Angela’s secret sauce is her ability to connect the dots to the larger story. Take a look at a few of the stories which led to her winning the coveted 2019 Gracie Award for On-Air Talent.  Powerful!

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Suzy Welch, Business Journalist; Author, TV Commentator, Co-Founder, Jack Welch Management Institute – New York, New York

How can women today redefine how we respond to power, risk, and a ‘boys club’ board room world? Bright, articulate, and with a dose of wisdom, Suzy Welch joins me to chat about the edge and excitement that comes from redefining yourself.

Suzy used to be terrified of risk. A long time ago she struggled with sadness and anxiety. As a single mom with 4 kids, maybe she had reason to. But, hers is a story of trying again. Today, she is a a passionate woman doing inspiring things. She is a noted business journalist, co-founder of the Jack Welch Institute, speaker and TV commentator, board member, and entrepreneur. She authored ’10-10-10: A Fast and Powerful Way to Get Unstuck in Love, at Work, and with Your Family’

With all her children grown, she’s charging into a new part of her journey, defining her ability to be present for others, and how she defines her own time. How do we make people feel seen and heard, when we are in position of power? Are we giving them our sincere attention and respect? Follow her ‘Egg Timer’ story, from her chat with Warren Buffet.

I’m thrilled to share with you her insights into the paradoxical ‘humility of power,’ and how gender bias never held her back from her dreams. Finally, she encourages women of any age to get leadership experience. The world needs the edge only you can bring.

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Rachel Greedy, Vice President Delivery, Capgemini – United Kingdom, along with her mum, Fran Thackeray

Is it just me or do things just sound better from our British friends?!? Join us in an honest conversation about a wide range of topics, all on women in the modern world. We cover:

  • Why is feminism is being rejected by many young women?
  • Did 5 red-headed sisters from a time long ago (a ‘fearsome sight!’) really set the stage for family legacy of courage?
  • Can awareness really be the key to an entirely new world?

Rachel Greedy, recently promoted to Vice President, and her mum offer insights into things often unsaid between generations. They are funny, sobering, and inspiring. Surprisingly, conversations among women in England are similar to ours in the USA. It’s another reminder that we’re far more alike than different. Rachel shares a passion with me to spread the message of empowerment to women around the world. Can you believe she has shared my book with women in Finland, Denmark, Norway and England? Tune into this #globalsisterhood and be inspired!

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Kristin Kinder, VP of Research and Waste Stream Sustainability, Wastequip – Seattle, WA

Sometimes, it’s easier to go with the flow rather than stop and study why we do what we do. Join us and let’s travel back to the 1950’s for eye-opening highlights on the unintended consequences of liberation from the kitchen. The kitchen? Who knew that the complex world of ‘disposable materials’ is the garbage of an idea from a past time? Did you know that people used to think that ‘consumption’ was a “patriotic duty?”

Listen in as Kristin Kinder, VP of Research at Wastequip shares how yesterday’s innovations are impacting today’s world. With a spirit rare for Millennials, Kristin throws open the doors to fresh perspectives and fascinating data to the stale air of a tired issue. She passionately believes that our buying choices matter and shows us how we each can make a difference. Guaranteed, her ideas will inspire you to see your stuff in a new light. Will you be held hostage by a ‘tyranny of convenience?’ Listen to this episode and learn more through Kristin’s TEDx talk.

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