Shannon Wallis, Author of WE the Change, Executive Coach, Speaker & Trainer – Founder of Cascade Leadership

Not everyone can claim that they invested 30 days of their life to walk across the Camino of Spain but our guest for this episode, Shannon Wallis, did just that. Having taken the journey as a vision quest for her own personal development, little did she know that life changing experience would lead to a book and a lasting legacy for her daughters. Listen closely to how Shannon’s legacy was created one decision at a time and be inspired by her wisdom about how you can do the same in your life. She is now on a mission to uplift women around the world.

“Inspiration without action is just a dream,” Shannon boldly states in this interview. This a women compelled to encourage women to make the impossible possible. Her recently published book WE the Change: Launching Big Ideas and Creating New Realities is a how-to manual to create your best life. From a dysfunctional home, a lost pregnancy and multiple moves across the globe, Shannon is very transparent with the challenges she has overcome in life. Her our journey is now a springboard for others as she teaches them how to deepen their authentic vision, discover what is standing in your way, and learn practical tools to overcome obstacles. Don’t miss this power-packed podcast episode with new author, visionary and my respected colleague, Shannon Wallis.

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