Vinay Kumar – Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker

Language creates. Like gas to a car, our words drive us in the direction we want to go . . . or do they? People often use words with little conscious thought as to the reality those words bring to life. Vinay Kumar, an expert in language and leadership, will reawaken your understanding of the power of language. The author of Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence will draw you in with his wisdom, warmth and worldview. His book is required reading at many universities and corporations but this podcast brings a few of the most important nuggets to life. Vinay grew up in a multicultural world, is passionate about his family (which includes his wife and two daughters), and frequently travels internationally when he is not busy trekking in the Himalayas. If you desire a more powerful voice in the world, then drink in the leadership legacy of my dear friend and colleague, Vinay. #poweroflanguage

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