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Do you feel like society’s traditional rules are no longer working for you? Are news and media
forcing you to adopt someone else’s view of the world? Do you know you are capable yet still
feel like you’re failing? Kimberly Faith has been there too.

In this episode, the tables are turned as Kim becomes a guest on her own show. She discusses
her new book The Lion Inside and the difficult personal history that led her to write it. Kim
herself hit a low point in her late thirties when the start-up company she’d launched with her
young daughter, as a means of showing her that “dreams do come true”, was going under.
Learning to fail with grace became the real lesson for Kim and her daughter and eventually
became the leverage of Kim’s life. Now 10 years later, Kim uses those difficult life experiences
to teach women around the world how to reframe their perspectives and take charge of their

Moreover, as the centennial anniversary of the women’s right to vote approaches, Kim
foreshadows that women are at a critical “choice” point in history where they can
continue to give into fear, chaos and drama or trust themselves enough to change their

Be inspired as Kim dives into today’s most relevant subject-matter like gender roles, the
#MeToo movement, and failing gracefully. Don’t miss this episode with critically acclaimed
author and podcast host, Kimberly Faith.

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