Guest: Jessie Czebotar – Love Warrior for Humanity, Chaplain, & recovering ‘child’ of the Illuminati

“The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free.”

Have you given much thought to evil? Many of us can see it clearly when it appears in a ghastly, ‘in your face’ manner – such as a gruesome murder, a school shooting, or hatred spewing from extremist groups. We don’t expect it to show up in insidious ways lulling us to sleep so we can’t see it before our eyes.

We don’t notice it in the myriad of ways it erodes our sovereignty over self. We don’t notice it in the small choices we make abdicating our personal responsibility and instead trusting others to have our best interest at heart. Even when we do feel that ache in the bottom of our stomach alerting us that something is wrong, we convince ourselves it is nothing. In that space between unaware and denial is a deep dark vacuum where the #Illuminati wages a war against us. We often tell ourselves “that’s just the way things are done” and blindly go along. Feeling powerless has almost become an expectation.

Whether it is our overdependence on fast food or our addiction to tech, is it possible we have unknowingly given the dark side power over our lives? Listen to stunning revelations as Jessie continues to explain what evil has been lurking right under our noses – from movies, to school trips, to missing children and more. How our lack of awareness – and courage – has allowed deadly consequences to unfold. The only way to stop the darkness is for each of us to finally see what has been lurking in the shadows.

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One comment on “Episode 32: Age of Betrayal – Part 3: The Plan is Darker than We Feared

  1. Christa Ford Apr 22, 2020

    Yet another amazing interview-ee and interviewer. Sharing w all whose hearts are open to knowing the truth. Jessie, you are my friend and I’m g you ad to call you that!

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