Guest: Robert Matheson, Owner of First NFT Museum @NFTmuseumSC

James Crawford, project lead, SuperYOU Genesis Drop: SuperSisters V1 @inkscribe


It is easy to hear the passion in Robert’s voice when he shares why he opened the first NFT museum in North America. This interview highlights his own personal interest as an artist, why he joined the NFT space, and how he is making the movement more accessible to the everyday citizen.

Joining the conversation is writer, marital artist, and father of four, James Crawford. James found Robert’s museum nestled in Newberry, SC and couldn’t believe that his home state was on the cutting edge of this digital era. As project lead for an upcoming NFT launch, James offers the perspective of someone who is diving deep in this emerging technology space.

This conversation was powerful, compelling and thought provoking. From exploring the unfolding digital renaissance unfolding at the moment to discussing the creator economy that is changing the paradigm of the “starving artist”, this interview will give you a deeper perspective.

Robert talks about the relationship we all have with art while discussing with James and I the hyper-cycle of growth this Web 3.0 version of the internet. Don’t shy away from learning more about this exciting new landscape. This episode is philosophically worth your time just to stay relevant in the days of development of the “digital archives of the human experience.” The future story of humanity is being written today!

Learn more about the NFT museum:;;

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