Timothy Hughes, Film & Stage Actor; Known for roles in “The Greatest Showman” and “HadesTown”

Is your most unique quality a game changer for you? Does having a high-profile platform obligate you to speak out for what’s right? Was the greenlight video for This is Me truly an example of personal transformation? All of this and much more in this energizing conversation with Timothy Hughes, a force on Broadway. Listen as he shares his journey as an athlete, film star, Broadway star, champion for human kindness and most importantly, brother in a family of sisters.

Timothy has consistently made a push for equality, standing for what’s right over what’s easy, time and time again. “I feel like I’d be missing out on a big part of myself if I didn’t act upon this desire to speak out and be supportive of certain organizations.” He shares the importance of a support system, and how one opportunity leads to another, creating a wave that just gets bigger and bigger. A must-listen if you share the strong desire to be a part of something bigger while pursuing your deepest passions!

You can find him on Instagram – TimothyRHughes

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