Mick Gow – Founder, Artist, Designer – Creator of National Parks NFT @NatParksNFT

Amy Johnson, artist with @VelvetCrabNFT


Mick Gow, creator and enthusiast of the National Parks NFT Project, joins us for an engaging discussion about the power of building community in the NFT space and that is THE primary focus. Also included in the discussion is design aficionado, Amy Johnson. She has not yet launched her own collection but is doing all she can to educate budding artists in the space. Both perspectives are engaging as you listen to the how the process unfolds from beginning to end.

Thinking about launching an NFT project yourself? Then tune in to learn how Mick turned his passion for the outdoors into a thriving project with so much potential.

Still learning about the NFT space in general? Amy’s insight about the power of mixing art and technology will be intriguing.

The NFT space is being built day by day, brick by brick. It all starts with a vision and inviting others to buy into your vision. This episode will inspire you to learn more about NFT’s. Who knows . . . you might find yourself ready to bring your vision to the virtual world. Learn more or you might just find yourself slipping into the FOMO space – fear of missing out!

Key Words: #NFT, #digitalart #community #fomo

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