Guest: Kimberly Faith, Systems Thinking Expert & Futurist

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

We have grown up thinking about society in “ages” – the agricultural age, the industrial age, the information age. Is it possible we are now living in the betrayal age? Have we been too accepting of business as usual? Have we slowly abdicated our personal responsibility to systems that are not designed for these times of enormous change – healthcare, government, education, technology and others? It is my deep desire to ignite a new interest in the discipline of #systemsthinking so more people will be inspired to ask tough questions. So more people will be able to connect the dots to the larger story. Our trust is a currency and it is imperative that we each reexamine where we invest that trust. The bigger story has been unfolding with intensity and believe it or not, our journey to finding the seeds of truth buried within in the chaos is just beginning. In this episode I answer why courage is beckoning to us all and why I felt compelled to take a brave step when recording Episode 30-33. The age of betrayal is here. I invite you to step into greater awareness and consciousness. Together, let us save what needs to be saved and discard that which no longer serves. Together, let us create a new future for us all.

Here is the link to the video I mentioned in this episode – Out of Shadows.  If it is taken down for some reason, keep searching.  We all face digital censorship and it is up to us to keep digging. If you are in the USA, exercise your rights as a citizen by using the Freedom of Information Act to the fullest extent of the law.  Freedom is not free – it is a privilege we earn day by day, decision by decision.

Guest: Jessie Czebotar – Love Warrior for Humanity, Chaplain, & recovering ‘child’ of the Illuminati

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson

How do we begin to recover from dealing with atrocities that are in the process of being revealed in a shocking manner? How do we handle being betrayed by someone – or something – we trusted so much? How do we reconcile both darkness and goodness residing within a single entity? My guest Jessie, a child raised within the Illuminati system who miraculously broke free, answers these questions and more.

Why have we been taught to compartmentalize everything in life placing it all in neat, stacked boxes that barely touch?   Why have we been taught spirituality exists in one vacuum and math in another? How does the Frank Lloyd Wright houses play into this larger story as portals to another dimension? Are there really secret government programs like #MKUltra where mind control is used as a weapon? Consider the possibility that there could be spiritual truths that have been hidden from us for hundreds of years – hidden as a part of evil’s plan to keep us in our place.

As we celebrate #Passover and enter the weekend of Easter, perhaps the symbolism of “freedom from slavery” will have more meaning than we could possibly imagine. Let us find hope and each learn to shine our light brighter and brighter. The future of humanity depends on it.

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Guest: Jessie Czebotar – Love Warrior for Humanity, Chaplain, & recovering ‘child’ of the Illuminati

“The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free.”

Have you given much thought to evil? Many of us can see it clearly when it appears in a ghastly, ‘in your face’ manner – such as a gruesome murder, a school shooting, or hatred spewing from extremist groups. We don’t expect it to show up in insidious ways lulling us to sleep so we can’t see it before our eyes.

We don’t notice it in the myriad of ways it erodes our sovereignty over self. We don’t notice it in the small choices we make abdicating our personal responsibility and instead trusting others to have our best interest at heart. Even when we do feel that ache in the bottom of our stomach alerting us that something is wrong, we convince ourselves it is nothing. In that space between unaware and denial is a deep dark vacuum where the #Illuminati wages a war against us. We often tell ourselves “that’s just the way things are done” and blindly go along. Feeling powerless has almost become an expectation.

Whether it is our overdependence on fast food or our addiction to tech, is it possible we have unknowingly given the dark side power over our lives? Listen to stunning revelations as Jessie continues to explain what evil has been lurking right under our noses – from movies, to school trips, to missing children and more. How our lack of awareness – and courage – has allowed deadly consequences to unfold. The only way to stop the darkness is for each of us to finally see what has been lurking in the shadows.

#illuminati #ritualabuse #childtrafficking #hope #Darktolight #sealedindictments #COVID-19 #coronavirus #2020 #hope #deceit #betrayal #Easter #Passover #spirituality

Guest: Jessie Czebotar – Love Warrior for Humanity, Chaplain, & recovering ‘child’ of the Illuminati

“Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept by public incredulity.” Marshall McLuhan

The conversation continues as Jessie explains the domination and control the Illuminati holds over humanity. The darkness operates as a ‘corporation’ that is executed with precision, accuracy, and astounding evil. Understanding the stronghold this System has on society – and our children – is crucial to our being able to combat it. The battle behind COVID-19 is far greater and deeper than anything the mainstream media has told us. Why? Because the mainstream media is part of the web of deceit operating under our noses. How can we beat the enemy if we don’t know the playbook?

This conversation is one of the most difficult conversations I have ever had in my life. I bring it to you because each of us are needed to bring light to the darkness – to right the wrongs. To change the direction of humanity as a whole. The Illuminati counts on our staying woefully unaware and it is in that empty space that we keep falling deeper and deeper. Our lives are at stake and you are needed on the front lines of history.

Words from Jessie –

“I felt led to share something I never have with anyone…it is a page from my prayer journal. It’s significance is that as you know, no one wanted to hear my story. I’ve spoken of the ritual walls in the tunnels. I spent a great deal of time walking along those walls running my hands across all those ritual hand prints – praying – crying out for God to deliver us all out….One day the Lord gave me a special friend who put two letters I had written upon the desk of a certain man. A man who chose not to let things remain unheard or silent. Whether that man behind the desk is good or bad I cannot say….but he heard my heart that day. He has been faithful to respond and do something about what he heard me saying.  The picture is a drawing of the moment I knew he had heard.”

#illuminati #ritualabuse #childtrafficking #hope #Darktolight #Qanon #sealedindictments #COVID-19 #coronavirus #2020 #hope #deceit #betrayal


Guest: Jessie Czebotar – Love Warrior for Humanity, Chaplain, & recovering ‘child’ of the Illuminati

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Lurking within the COVID-19 crisis is a crisis even more deadly and unimaginable. Right in front of our faces, the Illuminati (i.e. Deep State, Satan, Lucifer, etc) has been executing a plan – one we were woefully unaware of its depth and darkness. A plan that permeates academia, corporations, entertainment, law enforcement, music, politics, religion, sports and more. A deep vein within this plan is human trafficking and the torture of hundreds of thousands of children around the globe. If the unfolding of this global pandemic has not made sense to you, there is a reason why! Awareness is the first step to healing.

We are in the midst of an epic battle of good and evil – of light and darkness. My guest for this podcast was born into the evil world of the Illuminati and was destined to be the next in line for the highest ranking office called “Mother of Darkness”. In her own words “I was born in. My fate was decided even before I took my first breath.” She joins me for this very difficult and heartbreaking conversation about the collective betrayal of children, of the public trust, and of humanity. She shares how she broke free and the dangers that are at play. The battle is still being waged and the only hope is for each of us to courageously step into the darkness so that we may be instruments of light and healing. Please ask your soul if you are ready for the truth because once you know, there is no going back; however, the choice you make at this intersection could change the outcome for humanity. In your hands, you hold the world at this moment – COVID-19 and all that lives within it.

*Sadly, Jessie is the little girl in the middle in the photo above.

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