Suzy Welch, Business Journalist; Author, TV Commentator, Co-Founder, Jack Welch Management Institute – New York, New York

How can women today redefine how we respond to power, risk, and a ‘boys club’ board room world? Bright, articulate, and with a dose of wisdom, Suzy Welch joins me to chat about the edge and excitement that comes from redefining yourself.

Suzy used to be terrified of risk. A long time ago she struggled with sadness and anxiety. As a single mom with 4 kids, maybe she had reason to. But, hers is a story of trying again. Today, she is a a passionate woman doing inspiring things. She is a noted business journalist, co-founder of the Jack Welch Institute, speaker and TV commentator, board member, and entrepreneur. She authored ’10-10-10: A Fast and Powerful Way to Get Unstuck in Love, at Work, and with Your Family’

With all her children grown, she’s charging into a new part of her journey, defining her ability to be present for others, and how she defines her own time. How do we make people feel seen and heard, when we are in position of power? Are we giving them our sincere attention and respect? Follow her ‘Egg Timer’ story, from her chat with Warren Buffet.

I’m thrilled to share with you her insights into the paradoxical ‘humility of power,’ and how gender bias never held her back from her dreams. Finally, she encourages women of any age to get leadership experience. The world needs the edge only you can bring.

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