Candice Thompson, Business Strategist and Founder of the CoBridge Group

Are you investing too much emotional bandwidth into “fixing” yourself? When you look in the mirror, do you see your potential or do you see your flaws? Do you feel isolated in your quest for perfection? Perhaps the truth is that you are not alone and, actually, an important part of a much larger collective story.

In this episode, Kim Faith dives deep into her new book, Your Lion Inside, along with powerhouse and marketing strategist Candice Thompson. Together they discuss how – and why – women are still living by rules that were written without consideration of the female impact, perspective, or even any female input.

The shortcomings we see in the mirror with the way we look, speak and act, are all part of a flawed narrative that the world has given us,” Kim says.

While this narrative is part of our history, it’s unbalanced, and it only represents one side of the equation.”

Kim discusses how throughout her career coaching female professionals, she observed women desperately trying to fit into boxes that were never designed for them. Those boxes were too small and too predictable to fit the magnificence she would see in women!  It’s time to rewrite the narrative and that means taking a close look at those rules that became belief systems.

Kim’s research made her acutely aware of seven prevalent belief systems – mental models – proverbial glasses through which women were commonly seeing the world. These mental models served as the inspiration behind the sisterhood of seven she felt compelled to write about to let women around the world know “You are not alone!”

Tune in to learn more about the sisterhood and become aware of your mental model. Find out how to make intentional, purposeful life choices, and how to discover your power to create the life you were meant to live.

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