Maria Moraes Robinson, CEO Holonomics (Brazil) Sao Paulo, Brazil

What can wild animals teach us about being human? How can we leverage today’s vast interconnectivity to become better versions of ourselves? In this episode, author and economist, Maria Moraes Robinson, shares her ‘holonomic’ view of the world.

Having grown up in the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil, Maria was able to tap into the wisdom of nature at a very young age. The boundless flora and fauna served as the catalyst to Maria’s understanding of human nature.

In 2014, Maria and her husband wrote about a groundbreaking new world view where economics and ecology are in harmony – holonomics. Their book, Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter uses real-world case studies and practical exercises to guide people toward a more sustainable future where both people and planet matter. What are those qualities unique to women that can provide a significant contribution to this purposeful quest?


Maria offers the insight that the complexity and chaos of today’s world are not to be feared but rather embraced and understood. Our interconnectedness allows us to share our passions, experiences, successes and failures, meaning that we are able to improve who we are as women and as human beings.

“If we open our minds, expand our consciousness and remove judgement, we can have open dialogue and find new ways to evolve together.”

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