Guest: Caitlin Strempel, Mom and founder of MetaMint Marketing, the first-ever woman-owned NFT marketing agency for female artists and brands.


Did you know that only 16% of the emerging NFT landscape is being built by women? And less than 6% of the billions of dollars of wealth being created in the space is going to women? Those two stats alone should be enough to inspire you to learn more about why your voice matters.

NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse . . . all words emerging as Web 3.0 is being developed right before our very eyes. The good ole boys club of Silicon Valley are the ones who developed the first iterations of the internet. Why would we want to leave the landscape in their hands again without the powerful input AND leadership of women in the space? If we don’t band together to dramatically increase the number of female voices in the space, is it possible web 3.0 will simply be a repeat of what we have had in the past – where the few rule the many and the wealth goes into only a few pockets???

Dive into this interview to learn about other women-inspired NFT projects unfolding and learn how you can support these projects on, as well as Twitter. Our guest Caitlin firmly believes that wealth belongs in the hands of all types of women and is here to make that happen. The stakes could not be higher – join the fight for NFT equality and inclusion today!

Mick Gow – Founder, Artist, Designer – Creator of National Parks NFT @NatParksNFT

Amy Johnson, artist with @VelvetCrabNFT


Mick Gow, creator and enthusiast of the National Parks NFT Project, joins us for an engaging discussion about the power of building community in the NFT space and that is THE primary focus. Also included in the discussion is design aficionado, Amy Johnson. She has not yet launched her own collection but is doing all she can to educate budding artists in the space. Both perspectives are engaging as you listen to the how the process unfolds from beginning to end.

Thinking about launching an NFT project yourself? Then tune in to learn how Mick turned his passion for the outdoors into a thriving project with so much potential.

Still learning about the NFT space in general? Amy’s insight about the power of mixing art and technology will be intriguing.

The NFT space is being built day by day, brick by brick. It all starts with a vision and inviting others to buy into your vision. This episode will inspire you to learn more about NFT’s. Who knows . . . you might find yourself ready to bring your vision to the virtual world. Learn more or you might just find yourself slipping into the FOMO space – fear of missing out!

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Guest: Robert Matheson, Owner of First NFT Museum @NFTmuseumSC

James Crawford, project lead, SuperYOU Genesis Drop: SuperSisters V1 @inkscribe


It is easy to hear the passion in Robert’s voice when he shares why he opened the first NFT museum in North America. This interview highlights his own personal interest as an artist, why he joined the NFT space, and how he is making the movement more accessible to the everyday citizen.

Joining the conversation is writer, marital artist, and father of four, James Crawford. James found Robert’s museum nestled in Newberry, SC and couldn’t believe that his home state was on the cutting edge of this digital era. As project lead for an upcoming NFT launch, James offers the perspective of someone who is diving deep in this emerging technology space.

This conversation was powerful, compelling and thought provoking. From exploring the unfolding digital renaissance unfolding at the moment to discussing the creator economy that is changing the paradigm of the “starving artist”, this interview will give you a deeper perspective.

Robert talks about the relationship we all have with art while discussing with James and I the hyper-cycle of growth this Web 3.0 version of the internet. Don’t shy away from learning more about this exciting new landscape. This episode is philosophically worth your time just to stay relevant in the days of development of the “digital archives of the human experience.” The future story of humanity is being written today!

Learn more about the NFT museum:;;

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Guest: Peter Kuperman, creator of


Long before NFTs and generative art became buzzwords, this tech-preneur was laying the groundwork to create a pathway for more kids and teens to learn coding for the future – with a special emphasis on bringing girls into the space. Peter shares the why, the how, and what’s next during this informative podcast episode. If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, you will want to tune in and discover how you can empower the young people in your world.

From discovering his love for coding and problem solving at 12 years old to now being a father of three, he shares why he created and why it matters to you. His life has been one of discovery of the “magic of building something useful” and turning theory into practice. He has a bold vision to enroll 10,000 girls in 2022 for their guided program to encourage creativity via computer science. With the explosive growth of the NFT world and the need for more digital artists, join me in supporting HatchCoding in building a pipeline for tomorrow. The future is being built today! 

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Guest: Deborra Cameron, Education & Marketing Director of the University of Science & Philosophy, Teacher of Qi Chong, Owner of


The world has changed over the past two years and the world we live in now requires new ways of thinking. Our guest, Deborra Cameron, brings a wealth of wisdom to this podcast conversation. Utilizing her nursing and holistic healing background combined with being a 27 year student of the Russell cosmogony, she offers new insights into how to view the world. She also discusses the importance of “emotional lineage”. Trauma is a multilevel experience that has far reaching consequences; yet we all have the power to overcome.

Inspired by Lao Russell’s vision to have “age of character” clubs for kids, Deborra is picking up where Lao left off as the museum works to bring this noble idea to life with young people in 2022. What does it mean to inspire children to live a life of unity? Is it possible to discover the genius seeded within every child? Can we consider that society has mislabeled our children with things like ADHD thus limiting their true potential? It is time for all things to be reimagined one philosophy, one decision at a time.

Join us for the mindful conversation about balancing the feminine and the masculine, empowering our kids and reimagining a new world for all.


#character #consciousness #laorussell #walterrussell #philosophy #usp #science #energy #healing #spirituality

Guest: John Bonsall, President of the University of Science & Philosophy

Have you ever heard of Walter & Lao Russell? No? Me either. Not until one beautiful August afternoon in 2021when I walked into a quaint museum nestled on Main Street in the small town of Waynesboro, VA. What an unexpected yet profound discovery! It was then that I first met our charming podcast guest, John Bosnall.

Dressed in a dashing three-piece suit and exuding a mega-wattage passion for the work, John shared the power of all that was lovingly curated in the museum. From science to spirituality, from art to literature, and from history to profound teachings, what I discovered that day has changed the course of my life – as it has for 50,000 people around the world since the early 1920’s.

Join us for this intriguing conversation about the unconventional works of the Russell cosmogony. Hear from John, a 47-year student of the teachings, and hear from me, a new student of only nine months. It is quite possible that the wisdom currently showcased at this 33,000 square foot museum may change your life in a powerful way too.

From Russell’s friendship with Tesla to the development of the twelve-month home study course that has touched the hearts of thousands, may this episode leave an indelible footprint on your soul. There is no accident you have stumbled upon this podcast episode.  Dare to listen.

I would welcome you on this journey of discovery. Check out this podcast, along with episode #43. If it is as intriguing to you as it was to me, reach out to learn more about the three-day course I will be teaching at the museum called The Russell Experience™.


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