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Long before NFTs and generative art became buzzwords, this tech-preneur was laying the groundwork to create a pathway for more kids and teens to learn coding for the future – with a special emphasis on bringing girls into the space. Peter shares the why, the how, and what’s next during this informative podcast episode. If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, you will want to tune in and discover how you can empower the young people in your world.

From discovering his love for coding and problem solving at 12 years old to now being a father of three, he shares why he created and why it matters to you. His life has been one of discovery of the “magic of building something useful” and turning theory into practice. He has a bold vision to enroll 10,000 girls in 2022 for their guided program to encourage creativity via computer science. With the explosive growth of the NFT world and the need for more digital artists, join me in supporting HatchCoding in building a pipeline for tomorrow. The future is being built today! 

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