Simon Lamb, Agent for Change, Systems Thinker & Futurist – London, England

Nueroscience shows that the practice of mindfulness can increase our awareness. With so much chaos in the world today and the increasing chatter about toxic masculinity and/or the power of women, it is more important than ever to ask ourselves some tough questions. This episode will help you stop and really dive into the stories we are being told over and over again. Are they actually true or is it possible our perspectives are distorted? Tune in as you learn how to shift into the “neutral zone” and consider new possibilities. Within each one of us is the masculine AND the feminine says our guest expert. Shifting from an unconscious to a conscious understanding of this lesson can be powerful for all. It serves no one for it to be us vs them. We can change the narratives playing out in the world but it starts with each of us as an individual FIRST. Gain greater clarity of what is really happening between the sexes and how the root of the chaos in political systems across the globe is tied to a distorted belief of separation. Once you truly understand the wisdom Simon shares, then you can choose how to be an active voice in #rewritingtheNarrative.

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