Are there unexpected lessons buried within the Coronavirus crisis? Collectively we have been catapulted to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where survival is at the top of everyone’s mind. Yet, there are leaders who are a like beacons of light guiding us through the darkness.  My guest for this episode, Sara Kwan, is one of those lights and she is best known as dangerously creative.   She is a compelling example for an optimistic outlook in times of extreme change and chaos.  A global leader now in the tech industry, she moved to Seattle from NYC seven short weeks ago – with husband and young children in tow.
Be inspired by her tips for thriving while working from home and be reminded of the importance of keeping your sense of humor.  Our conversation will bring clarity to chaos. Sarah’s optimism and outlook will inspire you when you need it most.  Drink it in!
Click here to see her LinkedIn profile.

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