Guest: Caitlin Strempel, Mom and founder of MetaMint Marketing, the first-ever woman-owned NFT marketing agency for female artists and brands.


Did you know that only 16% of the emerging NFT landscape is being built by women? And less than 6% of the billions of dollars of wealth being created in the space is going to women? Those two stats alone should be enough to inspire you to learn more about why your voice matters.

NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse . . . all words emerging as Web 3.0 is being developed right before our very eyes. The good ole boys club of Silicon Valley are the ones who developed the first iterations of the internet. Why would we want to leave the landscape in their hands again without the powerful input AND leadership of women in the space? If we don’t band together to dramatically increase the number of female voices in the space, is it possible web 3.0 will simply be a repeat of what we have had in the past – where the few rule the many and the wealth goes into only a few pockets???

Dive into this interview to learn about other women-inspired NFT projects unfolding and learn how you can support these projects on, as well as Twitter. Our guest Caitlin firmly believes that wealth belongs in the hands of all types of women and is here to make that happen. The stakes could not be higher – join the fight for NFT equality and inclusion today!

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