Lisa Woffinden, CISM, PMP

The energy of this episode is POWERFUL! Journey with this father and daughter team as they offer a revealing look at how fathers shape the way their daughters see the world. Both guests have a military background and a deep commitment to the well-being of humanity. Despite experiencing a broken home early in life, they authentically share the value that both women and men offer the world. Acknowledging that the current system is broken, their heartfelt insight will make you pause and think about your own life. They offer compelling insights into the “narrative” which needs to be rewritten for men and women in order for society to achieve our full potential. You will appreciate their candor, wisdom and global perspective of the world.

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Felicia Davis, Leadership Brand Advisor

Diversity, inclusions, race, respect, equality – words we hear in the collective conversation but what does it mean when it comes down to the way we live our lives every day? Diving into the deeper issues, this podcast highlights the “voice of a modern female leader” – Ms. Felicia Davis. Dedicating her life to elevating the power of black women, Felicia shares how she went from feeling powerless to powerful. Her individual story is a mirror for how every woman in the world can do the same. Heartfelt, sobering and eye-opening, this episode will have you asking yourself questions about your own pay equity and the power of your leadership voice. Join in as we discuss ways women can come together – black and white – to support the growth of all.

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