Guest: John Bonsall, President of the University of Science & Philosophy

Have you ever heard of Walter & Lao Russell? No? Me either. Not until one beautiful August afternoon in 2021when I walked into a quaint museum nestled on Main Street in the small town of Waynesboro, VA. What an unexpected yet profound discovery! It was then that I first met our charming podcast guest, John Bosnall.

Dressed in a dashing three-piece suit and exuding a mega-wattage passion for the work, John shared the power of all that was lovingly curated in the museum. From science to spirituality, from art to literature, and from history to profound teachings, what I discovered that day has changed the course of my life – as it has for 50,000 people around the world since the early 1920’s.

Join us for this intriguing conversation about the unconventional works of the Russell cosmogony. Hear from John, a 47-year student of the teachings, and hear from me, a new student of only nine months. It is quite possible that the wisdom currently showcased at this 33,000 square foot museum may change your life in a powerful way too.

From Russell’s friendship with Tesla to the development of the twelve-month home study course that has touched the hearts of thousands, may this episode leave an indelible footprint on your soul. There is no accident you have stumbled upon this podcast episode.  Dare to listen.

I would welcome you on this journey of discovery. Check out this podcast, along with episode #43. If it is as intriguing to you as it was to me, reach out to learn more about the three-day course I will be teaching at the museum called The Russell Experience™.


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