Guest: Whitney Lamb, Modern-Day Mystic & Energetic Healer


During these unusual times, people are searching for answers and they are not being found in traditional ways. Our guest for this podcast is a well-known angel channeler, psychic medium and Qi Gong healer. She has been a powerful resource in my own personal journey. I decided to overcome my fear about talking about these things and step out of the cosmic closet! Tune in as we discuss the distortions of life that humans cling to and how to accept divine help. The goal of this powerful conversation was the demystify the mystical and offer tools to step into a greater version of yourself.

We can no longer live a divided life – where we are one person at work and one person at home. The opportunity beckoning to us all is integrating the two. In doing so we live life fully, in alignment, and tap into our fullest potential, both seen and unseen. Whitney’s insight provides clarity into this life challenge of learning MASTERY OVER SELF. We go into corporate settings for a reason. Perhaps this podcast interview can shed new light on your human journey at work AND at home. You can learn more about our guest at

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