Because of the popularity of our last episode with Tara L. Robinson, Kim Faith has invited the life coach, TedX Speaker, author and shamanic priestess back for another nourishing conversation.

As a culture conditioned to run at an extraordinary pace, the slower quieter stride of life in solitude has been a welcomed blessing for many. As we begin to resume a more regular routine, could it be beneficial to preserve some of the proclivities of quarantine life?

“The constant state of adrenaline to which we’ve become accustomed, can be draining and destructive to our bodies,” Robinson says. “We need to slow down our thinking.”

Kim and Tara discuss how to distinguish between the typical “adrenaline hustle” and more beneficial “life force energy.” How can we become more aware of the “felt sense” of the people and places around us? How we can become more aware of our own energy, and most importantly, how can we harness it for a more fulfilling life?

Tune in to be encouraged by Robinson’s thoughtful insight on the power of slowing down harnessing the “felt sense.”

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