Michael Casey – Author & Cryptocurrency Expert

The Rockerfellars. The Rothschilds. Henry Ford. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. What do all of these names have in common? Wealth creation. For too long women have been behind the curve when it comes to the creation of wealth and it is time for that to change. Mirroring the growth of the internet boom in the 90’s, is it possible that cryptocurrency could be an economic engine for women if we boldly embrace it? Could cryptocurrency and blockchain provide opportunities for freedom and power of choice for women worldwide? Listen in as author, expert and visionary Michael Casey makes a compelling case for how cryptocurrency is changing the world. As the senior advisor for the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT, Michael offers intriguing insights into the world of cryptocurrency. Why does the “digital gold rush” matter? How has the current infrastructure of money failed us? Listen in and it is quite possible you could shift your financial future for generations to come.

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