Guest: Terre Short, Author & Professional Coach


Join in for words of wisdom from this developer of human potential, author of The Words We Choose, Terre Short. She has uncovered the importance of tuning into your inner narrative or your “personal podcast” as she calls it. The exciting thing about it that we have the power to CHOOSE. We can replace limiting beliefs with beliefs that elevate – a philosophy that aligns perfectly with my book Your Lion Inside.

A conversation full of guidance on issues such as finding your joy in life to redefining the concept of TIME and inner balance, you will take away nuggets to use in your personal world. Terre has wisely pulled together a new model of how to marry your inner work with your outer work so you can step into the persona of a thriving leader. She is even offering workshops to “ignite and sustain the joy of leadership” to create this new work/life model which you can check out at

Sum up this podcast in one phrase? We are the ones we are waiting for!

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