Guest: Tammy Rief, a warrior for justice

Jonah, a five year old little boy who on November 5th, 2012 was ripped away from his mother illegally and unlawfully, has become the center of a massive International federal legal case incriminating top government officials – in the US and internationally. I won’t call these people leaders as they are criminals who have “broken the law to enforce the law” when it comes to Jonah’s case – and sadly Jonah is not the only one. Jonah is considered an HVA – a high valued asset which has become the core reason he was taken and why justice has not yet been served.

Tammy has been without her son for 2,920 days and spends every waking moment fighting for Jonah’s return. She is part of the federal underground protection program and her complex legal case fills a 27’ uhaul truck all the way to the top. The betrayal is staggering. Why take a child? Tammy is grateful Jonah is still alive as many children who are kidnapped as part of this ring are tortured and murdered. For what purpose are they keeping Jonah alive? You will be surprised to find out during this interview. You might find yourself as stunned as I was about what is truly behind the old adage “children should be seen, not heard”. Listen and be part of the team that liberates the darkness. Together, we can bring Jonah home.

Please share this three-part series to be part of bringing Jonah home. The more awareness there is the more the system cannot ignore it. #BringJonahHome #DivineJustice #GodWins

To learn more about Jonah’s case, check out these resources:
Jonah Missing Child Case

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