Guest: Jessie Czebotar – Love Warrior for Humanity, Chaplain, & recovering ‘child’ of the Illuminati

“Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept by public incredulity.” Marshall McLuhan

The conversation continues as Jessie explains the domination and control the Illuminati holds over humanity. The darkness operates as a ‘corporation’ that is executed with precision, accuracy, and astounding evil. Understanding the stronghold this System has on society – and our children – is crucial to our being able to combat it. The battle behind COVID-19 is far greater and deeper than anything the mainstream media has told us. Why? Because the mainstream media is part of the web of deceit operating under our noses. How can we beat the enemy if we don’t know the playbook?

This conversation is one of the most difficult conversations I have ever had in my life. I bring it to you because each of us are needed to bring light to the darkness – to right the wrongs. To change the direction of humanity as a whole. The Illuminati counts on our staying woefully unaware and it is in that empty space that we keep falling deeper and deeper. Our lives are at stake and you are needed on the front lines of history.

Words from Jessie –

“I felt led to share something I never have with anyone…it is a page from my prayer journal. It’s significance is that as you know, no one wanted to hear my story. I’ve spoken of the ritual walls in the tunnels. I spent a great deal of time walking along those walls running my hands across all those ritual hand prints – praying – crying out for God to deliver us all out….One day the Lord gave me a special friend who put two letters I had written upon the desk of a certain man. A man who chose not to let things remain unheard or silent. Whether that man behind the desk is good or bad I cannot say….but he heard my heart that day. He has been faithful to respond and do something about what he heard me saying.  The picture is a drawing of the moment I knew he had heard.”

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One comment on “Episode 31: Age of Betrayal – Part 2: How the ‘System’ Controls Our Lives

  1. This series with Jessie C is Awesome! Amazing! Jessie is such a Blessing! And she was able to share the Truth with out the horrors but explains it so well you know we need to be mindful and in prayer for those captive to the satanic system! Thank you Kim for doing this interview and for your heart & pain for the Children.. I can feel it. Love in Christ, Jodi

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