As the COVID19 crisis rages on, women are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the
economic, medical and personal repercussions of the pandemic. Could more have been done to prepare? Irene Natividad, leader of The Global Summit of Women and the first Asian American women to lead a political
organization, argues “yes.”

In this episode, Kim Faith and Natividad discuss the need for governments and businesses to seek women for positions of power, especially when it comes to preparedness. As the caretakers of the world, women are instinctive planners and
long-term thinkers, yet the American economy is built on instant gratification and short-term gain. Because not enough women are in decision-making roles, they often fall victim to the decisions made by others too focused on short term gains.
With her uniquely global view, Natividad uses her platform to encourage women to become consumers, workers, and most importantly, leaders. Tune in to be encouraged by her wisdom and passion during this uncertain time.

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