Nick Nelson, CEO, Brand-prenuer

Brand strategist and creative executive, Nick Nelson, holds nothing back on this episode when he encourages women to step up and write their own narrative. “Stop allowing others to write your story” Nick shares passionately. From the power of your profile pic to investing in yourself, this conversation covers the heart of personal branding – the mindset behind it. What do people FEEL about you when they see your corporate photo? He taps into the wisdom of our unconscious stories which often start in childhood and talks about seeing women break through those barriers. He reminds us all of the importance of investing in ourselves so we have the energy to invest in others. We also dive into the awakening of women across the world and how men will respond to RESULTS but it is up to women to get the ball rolling. Nick’s passion and conviction will stir something deep inside of you inspiring you to level up your personal brand. Powerful and compelling!

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One comment on “Episode #10: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Write Your Own Narrative

  1. Nick is truly BRILLIANT!!! How he can reach deep within your mind and pull out every thing you’ve always tried to convey is simply magical!

    -Jessica Oliver
    Events In 72

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